How to prevent 5 types of fence damage

How to prevent 5 types of fence damage

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A quality fence will last you many years, but all fences are prone to some form of rotting or corrosion. For wood fences to help increase their lifespan and resistance to rotting apply a stain and keep your fence clean from grime. If your home is encompassed with any iron or metals as a material structuring your fence. Apply a coat of oil-based rust-resistant primer, to help prevent rust from deteriorating your fence.

Holes and gaps 

A type of damage most common in wood fences are holes or missing pickets. To help prevent this, use the first section to keep your fence durable. Holes are usually caused by impacts. So keeping your fence durable is key to preventing holes from being made. If you have pickets hanging off or missing, usually this is because they were not initially secured properly. If you have holes or unsecured pickets contact a fence expert to have a proper job done.


To help keep your fence clean, keep up with maintenance and brush off grime. When cleaning your fence try to refrain from using any harsh chemicals or paints. If you are still planning on staining or about to have a fence installed, you can choose a darker finish to help conceal any future grime. 

Leaning posts

Posts are the structuring base of your fence, when they lose their integrity they can start to lean. Causing your whole fence to lean or warp. Changes in the soil are typically responsible for leaning posts. Weathering and corrosion can also cause your posts to lose their integrity. We recommend contacting a fence expert to help you reinstall your posts. If your posts are in unstable ground, a fence expert will most likely recommend setting your posts in concrete.  


Warping is usually seen in older fences or fences with leaning posts. Warping or sagging in the fence can be fixed with new posts or rails, depending on the source of the issue. We recommend contacting a fence contractor to find the source of the problem and ask for guidance with options to fix the warping in your fence.

Preventing fence damage

To prevent your fence from being an eyesore, making sure you keep up with maintenance. When first choosing a fencing material keep in mind the amount of maintenance each material will need. We recommend this so you can choose the right fence for you. If you need advice or are looking to repair your damaged fence, contact Grizzly Fence for the expertise and even a free quote!

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