5 Reasons You Should Install Your Fence in the Winter

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Is it time to replace your old, weathered fence? Not sure if it’s better to get it done during the winter or wait until spring? Despite the chilly weather, the winter is an ideal time to get a fence put in, and there are numerous benefits to it. To show you why now is a great time to get it done, here are a few reasons you should install your fence in the winter.

Faster Process

Towards the end of fall and beginning of winter, many fence companies are less busy, which means there’s more time available for you. Unlike the warmer months, you won’t have to worry about missing out on the dates and timeframes that you need. With less competition during the winter, it makes the entire process fast, including ordering materials, getting them delivered and assembling a crew.

Faster City Codes and Permits

During the cooler months, it’s also easier to get permits, check city codes and locate any underground cables along the fence line.

Easier on Your Landscape

During the fall and winter months, the lawn and garden start to die and go dormant until the spring. This helps to protect them from damage, including fence installations. This also makes it easier for our crew to maneuver around the yard without harming the vegetation. Homeowners won’t have to worry as much about having any damage to their lawn when machinery is used during the construction of the fence. It also means you’ll be ready to replant and get the garden ready in the spring instead of having to wait for your fence to be installed.

Contractors Work Better in Cooler Months

Without the high heat and humidity to contend with, fence contractors work much better in the winter since it’s easier to bundle up. This helps them focus on the job and work more efficiently to get it done faster.

You Can Enjoy Your Yard In the Summer

With the fence installation all done and dusted, you can get out to enjoy the warmer months to the fullest once the winter weather fades. You won’t have to put any of your summer weekend plans on pause waiting for the construction to be completed. So you can relax and enjoy the sunshine as soon as it arrives!

When you’re ready to have your fence installed, contact our team at Grizzly Fence in Nashville, Clarksville, and surrounding areas.

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