Deciding on the right type of fence

Getting a high quality fence installed from professional Grizzly Fence Company fence contractor can provide you with a range of benefits including privacy, protection and curb appeal. Yet deciding on the right type of fence to get can be a stressful process.You want to make the best investment for your money and have the perfect fence installation without placing in a structure that isn’t for your needs. Here are some easy steps to help you figure out what type of fence to buy and how to choose a trusted Edmond, Oklahoma fence contractor.

Decide on Why You Want the FenceGrizzly Fence Company
Fence Fence Installation | You may be looking for a small fence around a pool area to prevent the kids or pets from falling into the water when no adults are about.
Another reason could be that you are looking for some privacy in the backyard so you can sit out on the deck. Think about the reasons why you want it and the functionality of the fence to help you decide on the size, style and types of materials.

Most fences fall into 4 functionality types: decoration, privacy, security and containment. Grizzly Fence Company fence contractor may help you make the correct decision for the application you’re looking for.
DecorationDecoration fences typically focus on improving the look of the overall property to increase curb appeal. They may have decorative slats or rails in unique styles to catch the eye.

While some can offer security, such as pointed ends, others may not offer a lot of privacy as they are designed with spaced boards or panels to allow in sunlight and air flow.
They may also be designed to work with existing flora, bushes and trees. Some decorative fences will be standing panels placed between bushes and trees while not being an entire solid structure.
PrivacyPrivacy fences are designed to completely shield the yard to prevent people from looking onto the property from street level. They have panels and boards without spaces and are built at a height that can block the view from lower windows.

Depending on the type of materials used, a privacy fence can also double as a security fence to keep children and pets safe on your property.
SecuritySecurity fences can help prevent pets and children from leaving the property and entering the road. They can also cordon off dangers from your family, such as work spaces and pool areas.
Security fences such as chain links and ornamental iron fencing can be used for pets to prevent them from digging or jumping over the fence while still allowing light and air to pass through unhindered.
Solid security fences such as wood panels and vinyl may be desired in instances where you want to add a combination of security and privacy to your yard.


Containment fences are ideal for farms and ranches in Middle Tennessee where you have larger livestock and animals that need to stay within a designated area of the property.
Containment fence is designed with strength and durability in mind as cows, horses, sheep and other large livestock cannot knock the fence over, jump over it, or try to crawl under it.
While livestock is contained in the field, the fence can permit other small creatures, such as wildlife, and outdoor pets to move freely across the property.
Types of Materials You Want from Grizzly Fence Company Fence Contractor

There are a range of materials for fences. The materials will dictate the style, functionality, durability and longevity of the fence. Types of materials include the following:

Wood: Cedar, Redwood, Cyprus, and pressure treated

Metal: aluminum, chain link, wrought iron, barbed wire, and steel

Plastic: PVC vinylMasonry: brick, cement, and stone

Besides picking a fence material based on style, strength or durability, you may decide on the materials for the fencing so that it matches the architecture of your home or other structures on your property. This design style allows you to make the fence complement the beauty of your home while increasing its curb appeal.

Understand the Type of Maintenance You Want to PerformNot every fence is one where you can just get it installed and then ignore it for years. Some need yearly maintenance while others only need periodic inspections and repairs every few years.

When you are getting fence installation for your Middle Tennessee property, think about the amount of time, effort and costs you can set aside for upkeep.

Wooden fences are beautiful, yet require constant maintenance as you need to sand, stain or paint the fence. Metal fencing may not be so labor intensive as every two to three years the fence should be sanded and painted to seal it from the weather.

Vinyl fencing is nearly maintenance free as you will have to clean it when it becomes dirty or dingy. Masonry can almost last a lifetime with little maintenance or upkeep.
Decide on Your Budget Before Contacting Grizzly Fence Company Fence Contractor

Lastly, think about your budget when it comes to fence installation in Tennessee. The type of fence will have a direct correlation on how much your new fence project will cost. Have a budget before you contact Grizzly Fence Company

There is more involved than just purchasing the panels and digging the holes for posts. You may have to look at property survey maps to determine boundary lines, obtain permits, and contact your gas/water utilities to figure out if there are any buried pipes that could be disturbed.

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