Decorative Gate Upgrades for a Wooden Privacy Fence

At Grizzly Fence, we work hard to provide the best wooden fence builds for all of Middle Tennessee. Wooden privacy fences shield your yard from view. Naturally, in addition to your fence, you need an opening for entering the yard itself. Typically, most homeowners opt for a wooden privacy gate.

The gate is an area where you can add ornamentation in the name of beauty, which also increases the curb appeal of your home. Below are some decorative upgrades for a wooden privacy gate.

Wooden Header

If you opt for a standard wooden privacy gate, one of the most common decorative upgrades is the header, which is a beam that spans between the gateposts. Typically constructed of wood, headers can have scrolled ends, curves, or wooden finials at the top. As a bonus, the header adds strength to your gate.

Lattice Screen

Another common décor element for wooden privacy gates is the lattice screen, which is usually at the top of the gate. The top rail of the screen can be straight, concave, or convex. You can also choose from different lattice patterning. The lattice boards can be straight or slanted. The wood boards can also have more ornamental designs.

A close relative to the lattice screen is the gate fan. This fan can consist of a half-circle or semicircle with other decorative elements filling in between its sides and the top of the gate. The fan is taller than a convex lattice screen, and the boards flare out in the classic fan pattern. You can also choose a lattice screen that resembles the fan but that dips into the top of the gate.

Peek-a-Boo Insert

Lattice screens reduce some of the closed-off look of your wooden fence and gate. Another method for opening up the façade is with a peek-a-boo insert. This insert functions a little like a window in your gate. However, instead of glass, the frame holds decorative iron or wood. Peek-a-boo inserts can be round, square, or rectangular. You also have a lot of adaptability in the design of the inside.

Ornamental Iron Framework

Adding another medium to your gate can also add visual interest. One common decorative upgrade is choosing a wooden gate framed in iron, which makes an attractive complement. The iron can be simple, or you can choose scrolls and other ornamentation. The decorative iron can also extend above the gate in the manner of a lattice panel.

Archway or Arbor

The header isn’t the only way to draw the eye up with your gate design. Many homeowners add an archway around the gate. Unlike the header, an archway is a separate element from the gate, consisting of its own posts that curve up to the arch itself. You can choose from different designs of archways.

Climbing Plants

Though not a structural element, one of the most common suggestions for decorating a garden gate is to plant climbers at the base and train them up lattice screens and either headers or arches. The overall effect is welcoming and adds a touch of color to your gate. If you choose a lush plant, you can even add some privacy.

A caveat to this decoration is the plants can damage certain materials. They can trap moisture between their leaves or blooms and the structure of the gate. Therefore, you’ll want to consult with your fencing experts about the best way to approach this decorative idea. They may suggest a coating or a different material altogether for the decorative element.

Don’t choose a simple wooden privacy gate. Instead, consider some of the above ornamentation options. Grizzly Fence Company can provide for all your fence and gate needs.

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