How Summer Weather May Affect Your Fence

Having a fence in the summer comes with lots of perks. For one, you can enjoy smores as a family in the comfort of your backyard and almost feel like you’re alone in the woods! Summer is a time of relaxation and leisure, but summer can be hard on your fence. Here’s how summer weather may affect your fence.

Wood Fencing:

While it is a classic choice, wood fencing may be affected the most by weather. That’s because wood expands and contracts when it comes in contact with cold or heat. And the summertime heat and light are actually some of the most damaging elements for your wood fence. But this doesn’t mean you should avoid the beauty and traditionalism of a wood fence; just make sure you choose a durable type of wood that is less likely to crack or warp. As you properly maintain your wood fence, you can avoid many of the negative affects the summer weather may have on it as well. For one, staining or painting your wood fence will help keep the elements off of your fence.

Vinyl Fencing:

One of the great benefits of having a vinyl fence is the fact that it is very durable when it comes to both cold or heat, and can withstand the most extreme of temperatures. Vinyl fencing is also very easy to clean, which is a huge benefit after those summer rainstorms. Vinyl won’t fade or crack, peel or chip like other fences making it a great choice to stand resilient during the summer.

Chain Link Fencing:

Like vinyl fencing, chain link is a durable and resilient fencing option, especially during the summer months. They are strong and can withstand just about any type of weather, including sun and sun damage. However, if you’re looking for privacy, chain link fencing may not be what you’re looking for. They are see-through which means you won’t have the privacy, but you’ll still get access to all that summer sunshine as well as a cool summer breeze.

Wrought Iron Fencing:

A very attractive fencing option, wrought iron is durable even during the summer months, but only as it is properly maintained. When kept protected and clean, the coating on your iron fence will protect it from the elements, including sun damage. But if there are nicks or scratches, your wrought iron fence may be subject to rust! So be careful when mowing or trimming around your iron fence this summer, and clean it regularly to catch any damage early. Summer rainstorms or humidity are the biggest threat to your iron fence, so be sure to take care of any rust spots early and seal your fence for added protection.

If the summer weather has taken its toll on your fence, and you are in need of fence repairs or replacements, make sure you contact Grizzly Fence Company. With value, quality, and satisfaction guaranteed, you will be happy with any fencing choice from Grizzly Fence.

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